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6.2/6.5 Marine Applications

Products available:

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+.020” MAHLE 6.5L Diesel 18:1 Marine Pistons Set

18:1 Marine Pistons for the 6.5L Diesel engine. Made exclusively for BMI by MAHLE Clevite.Specially coated crowns and skirts.Includes rings, wrist pins & clips.


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Marine Longblock Engine Using NEW Improved & Redesigned Block & Heads

A replacement Marine Longblock is the best choice when there is nothing wrong with your existing fuel system, turbo or other marine specific components. Transfer your parts & save money! Uses NEW MAHLE 18:1 compression pistons. Replaces popular 6.5 and 6.2 Liter marine engines such as: Peninsular , Sea Wolf by Power Marine , Max Marine and Hammerhead

Turbo applications: $9,890.00

Non-turbo applications : $9,790.00


BMI builds NEW 6.5l replacement Marine diesel engines utilizing proprietary improved block and head castings, upgraded oil pump and our exclusive custom made MAHLE Clevite 18:1 ceramic (crown/tops) and Teflon (sides) coated pistons with premium marine piston rings.

These New castings eliminate the cracking issues that plagued the original 6.5 & 6.2 diesel engines.

The BMI 6.5 Diesel Marine longblock is often used to replace popular 6.5 marine engines such as: Peninsular , Sea Wolf by Power Marine , Max Marine and Hammerhead.

All external components from the above referenced engines will bolt directly to the BMI Marine engine, because it is exactly the same external casting and bolt-hole locations as the original/s.

Once the existing external components are installed on the replacement longblock and the manufacturer’s recommended tuning adjustments are made 9injection pump timing, boost pressure ect…) power output will match your original setup.

Call us if you have an application that does not seem to fall into any of the above listed categories. We also offer drop-ins and all mechanical Turbo & fuel pump setups and all mechanical parts for 6.5l Diesel engines.