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BRAND NEW Set of 8 Pistons, Rings and Wrist Pins (18:1 Compression Ratio)

MAHLE +.020 Pistons with Factory Installed Rings Included MAHLE is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for almost all major OEM Marine engine manufacturer including: GM, Max Marine, Cobra Marine Engines and many others Why waste money on some Asian knock-off brand piston when you can have real MAHLE OEM Quality, with coated tops for near the same price?? FITS: All GM 6.5L V8 Turbo and non-Turbo MARINE DIESEL Engines
CURRENTLY WE ONLY MANUFACTURE.020 OVERSIZE PISTONS; These are the only size available for the MAHLE Marine pistons at this time. These marine pistons are custom made for BMI They are our exclusive! This is a complete set of 8 Pistons with Clips, Wrist Pins & Pre-Installed Premium MAHLE Rings (see detailed description below). THESE PISTONS HAVE A FACTORY APPLIED HARD ANODIZED CROWN (TOP) TO ADD DURABILITY AND PREVENT CARBON BUILD-UP and an anti-friction coating on the skirts to take the abuse of high turbo boost and hard marine use. THIS IS A COMPLETE SET OF EIGHT (18:1 PISTONS) MAHLE Pistons 1. Ni-resist top grooves to control groove wear. 2. Balanced Set of 6 for smooth engine operation. 3. The M124 Piston material (used in these pistons) is a highly evolved “Eutectic” material, which contains approximately 12% silicon for excellent strength and excellent thermal expansion properties. For diesel engines, the Eutectic material is chosen because it bonds better with the ring land or ring groove inserts used to strengthen and better support the piston rings in high performance/ high load diesel applications. The Eutectic material with MAHLE’s ring groove inserts make a better piston than a forged material which does not hold the insert very well. Eutectic (12% silicon) vs. Hypereutectic (16% silicon) In diesel applications, the Eutectic material is desired over the Hypereutectic material which has approximately 16% silicon. Hypereutectic is a harder material with the increased silicon content from 12% to 16% but tends to be more brittle with a shorter life span in diesel applications. MAHLE uses Eutectic material so they can install high strength ring-land inserts into the piston grooves for longer life. The ring insert is a much harder material than the bare piston material and doesn’t allow the rings to wallow out the ring groove, hence… longer life. The inserts can also be made smoother and controlled better than the process of cutting a groove in a raw piston. MAHLE Piston Pins 1. High strength steels meet structural requirements to prevent pin breakage or deflection. 2. Case hardened to provide long lasting wear surfaces. 3. A high degree of dimensional and surface finish control are the final requirements for strength and long life. MAHLE Piston Rings: 1. All three rings that MAHLE/CLEVITE uses on their aftermarket loaded pistons are truly unique and are without a doubt, these ring-sets the absolute best in the business, even better than what is supplied to OEM’s like Ford and Cummins, because they don’t want to spend the extra money for this level of quality. 2. The top rings are completely unique to MAHLE CLEVITE, because they invented the process of manufacturing them. They are an ingenious and unique design incorporating high strength steel with impregnated high velocity moly facing, 3. The top ring (high strength steel with high velocity Moly impregnation) is an ideal mix of metals because the steel provides superior durability while the moly facing provides a hard surface that allows a minute amount of oil impregnation into the metal, providing superior compression sealing to the cylinder walls and minimal cylinder wall wear. This means more power and longer engine life. These rings are three full steps above the competitor’s ductile rings. 4. The second ring (middle of piston) is your second line of defense for sealing compression from the top of the piston and sealing oil from below the piston. The high strength steel composition of this ring is ideally suited for both of these critical purposes (2 full quality steps above the competitor’s cast rings). 5. The oil ring (bottom ring) is completely unique to MAHLE CLEVITE, because MAHLE/CLEVITE invented it for the US Military during WWII. In the beginning of the war, the allied forces experienced crippling engine piston ring failure in many of the armored tanks (due to very dusty air intake) they turned to MAHLE/CLEVITE to come up with something more durable; It worked brilliantly!…and the new gold standard of steel oil ring with chrome coating was born. Since then, these rings have been improved even more by adding a nitrite coating in conjunction with the chrome finish.