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About BMI

Founded by a hands-on business owner, passionate about efficiency and the power of diesel engines, BMI (Bostic Motors Inc.) has built upon its initial successes of improving the efficiency, durability and longevity of the 6.5L GM diesel engine and has leveraged this knowledge to develop turbo retrofit kits for the Military Spec HMMWV and other 6.5 and 6.2 liter diesel applications.

BMI manufactures and distributes unique (including some patented) solutions for turbocharging the 6.2 and 6.5L diesel engines.

In recent years the company has been primarily focused on development of our three turbo kit product lines: Commander 6200™, Commander 6500™ for Military HMMWV trucks, and the SideSpooler™ for 6.2 powered Chevy and GMC trucks from 1983-1992…picking up where the Banks Sidewinder ® kits have left off (been discontinued).

Our aim is to offer turbo and engine solutions that are the best in the market and make them right here in North Carolina, USA. This means our products are engineered to be rugged, long-lasting and as efficient as possible, yet simplistic in their form and function.

Our passion for durability, simplicity and the company’s no-nonsense approach comes directly from our management team, who uses their real-world knowledge of diesel engines (and banged-up dirty hands) to create products that work the way they would want them to work if they were the customer.