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HMMWV Turbo Kit

Commander™ HMMWV Turbo Kit /s
Finally… A proven bolt-on turbo kit for naturally aspirated HMMWV’s!

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Turbo Kits Now Available!

  • Up to 50-65% Horsepower Increase
  • Up to 100-120 ft/lb Torque Increase
  • Increased Throttle Response / moves power curve more into drivable range
  • Increased fuel economy (due to more efficient fuel burn)
  • New high-flow cold-air intake system utilizes the original HMMWV (exterior) air-intake stack
  • Rugged and proven all mechanical turbo design with self-contained waste-gate control
  • No body lift / cutting or modification of the metal body or frame necessary, also retains original “doghouse” engine cover without any alteration.
  • Kits include all necessary hardware and fully illustrated installation instructions
  • Digital EGT and boost gauges included with kit
  • Patent pending exhaust manifold design makes a fast and efficient turbo response
  • Unique reverse-flow manifold system and crossover pipe routes exhaust from both cylinder banks into the turbo
  • There is no other kit on the market like this……

In late 2015, when the US Military decided to switch from the HMMWV in favor of the new front line military vehicle (the Oshkosh built JLTV) Banks abandoned their prototype “Hod Rod Humvee” project, leaving the military and civilian owners with (still) no way to upgrade their non-turbo HMMWV’s to the power of a turbo. Now that the Banks Hummer turbo kit is not to be, BMI has invested the R&D to develop a kit of our own. These kits are simplistic, yet effective in their function, utilizing purpose-designed proprietary parts to achieve a straightforward install with minimal modifications to the factory set-up. If your HMMWV has an aftermarket Red Dot A/C system installed, this kit will require moving the compressor. We are working on new brackets for the A/C compressor to make this modification a simple bolt-on affair.

Keeping with the military theme of rugged simplicity, the kits employ all-mechanical controls, with NO ELECTRONICS.

With many non-turbo HMMWV trucks being auctioned off to the public, civilian owners are demanding more power and better drivability from these trucks. BMI answers that call with a proven turbo kit to upgrade these venerable (but underpowered) Hummer warriors.

The Commander 6200 & 6500 turbo kits can offer unrivaled power increases that so many Humvee and H1 owners are looking for, without sacrificing fuel mileage, engine longevity or reliability of the original drivetrain or having to spend $15k-30k+ on a new engine.”

Trucks equipped with aftermarket A/C systems may require moving the compressor over a few inches (if it is mounted in an area where the new turbo needs to go). Generally, this readily achievable with a little modification to the compressor brackets, however this task should be considered before the install is attempted.

There are two turbo kits available to upgrade most any naturally aspirated, mechanically injected 6.2 or 6.5 Liter HMMWV including: M998 M1025 M1026 M1035 M1037 M1038 M1045 M1045A2 M1097 M1097A2 M1114 and many other military variants along with the civilian model (1992-1993) H-1 Humvee / Hummer :

BMI Commander™ 6200 Turbo Kit (for 6.2L equipped trucks)
Part# 6200TK1: $4,498 +$25 shipping (to continental US)
if purchasing using credit card for payment
Special: $4,298 w/free shipping (to continental US)
if purchasing through Direct Debit payment

BMI Commander™ 6500 Turbo Kit (for 6.5L equipped trucks)
Part# 6500TK1: $4,499 +$25 shipping (to continental US)
if purchasing using credit card for payment
Special: $4,299 w/free shipping (to continental US)
if purchasing through Direct Debit payment

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