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Frequently asked questions about the turbo kit

  1. How many hours does it take to install? First time installs will take about 16-20 hours. After just one install under your belt, subsequent installs will take several hours less. There is a considerable learning curve on your first install.
  3. Is the kit difficult to install? It actually is not difficult to install. The instructions and illustrations systematically walk you through all of the necessary steps with clarity. The difficulty level will depend upon your degree of mechanical experience and the particular tools available at your disposal. The optional “Easy Install Tool Set” available with the kit makes the install faster and easier. Most home mechanics can do everything in a “driveway setting” except for the welding of the exhaust pipes. If you don’t have a welder, the welding can be done by a local muffler shop after the other parts are installed.
  5. Does the turbo use exhaust from both banks of cylinders on the engine? Yes, exhaust gases from both banks of the engine are used to power the turbo. A unique crossover pipe approach and “reverse flow” turbo exhaust manifold make this possible.
  7. Does the kit include an intercooler? An intercooler is not recommended for this setup, due to the fact that the working boost pressure of this kit is only 10-11 PSI. At these levels, an intercooler would produce additional lag in the boost response and reduce the boost pressure by 2 PSI (as measured at the engine intake manifold) with no meaningful reduction in air temperature. An intercooler is not necessary (or practical) below about 15 lbs of boost. The turbo output air temperature (at the working PSI level of the kit) is simply not heated to the extent that they would be at higher boost pressures (above 15 PSI).
  9. Does a kit include a pyrometer/EGT gauge and a boost gauge? Gauges and associated sensors are included in the kit. It is important to keep an eye on both of these important data points on your engine.
  11. How does the turbo kit affect fuel mileage? The addition of a turbo on the 6.2 or 6.5 L Diesel engine will actually improve mileage under normal driving conditions, due to the fact that the turbo makes the engine more efficient, both in its power output and the perfection of the fuel burn, resulting in greater performance and efficiency.
  13. How will my kit arrive? Turbo kits are generally shipped the next business day after your order via UPS ground, in two (large, custom made, double-wall thickness) boxes. Each boxes weigh 50 lbs.
  15. Is the turbo kit compatible with the optional HMMWV deep water fording setup? Yes, the turbo (and all of the associated turbo kit components) are made to work with the factory deep water fording kit from A.M. General. All air and oil routing tubing have a watertight seal. The new airbox is sealed against water intrusion and is attached directly to the factory air intake location on the firewall.
  17. I am thinking of installing this turbo kit myself, is someone available for phone support if I have questions during the install? There are several people here at the company with lots of experience installing these kits. Someone is usually available by phone M-F between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM Eastern Time to answer any technical questions and help with installation related inquiries.
  19. I am worried about losing ground clearance due to the turbo downpipe running under the truck; are there alternative routings for this pipe to retain full factory ground clearance? There are several optional routings that have already been worked out for the exhaust after the turbo and many other custom possibilities ranging from a stack through right through the hood to a routing pattern that keeps the exhaust exit on the passenger side (both in stack form and tail-pipe style). This aspect of the kit is customizable by you, according to how you want it completed.
  21. Can my shop become a dealer/installer for the turbo kits? Yes, we encourage such inquiries and are happy to have new dealers so we may direct inquiring customers to these authorized shops for sales and service. We want authorized shops to be able to offer the kits for sale and facilitate the installation of the kits on their customer’s trucks. Professional mechanic shops who are interested in becoming dealer/installers are encouraged to reach out to us via our contact page to begin the conversation.