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6.2 6.5 L Diesel Military H-1 M998 Glow Plugs

Premium Command Components dual-element, self regulating glow plugs. (set of eight).

These plugs fit 6.2 & 6.5L Diesel in a military H-1 chassis only 1985-2005. (NOT for the CUCV or civilian H-1’s.) We do offer glow plugs for the 82-88 CUCV’s as separate listing )


These plugs have a special male bullet connector. (The non-military 6.5 plugs have a standard spade). Look at you connector to be sure this the correct plug for your truck. If it has the bullet connector, this is your plug. These updated plugs offer an improvement in cold weather starting. Considerable design effort has been put into these new plugs to ensure that they not only start better, but have improved service life.

Special attention has been paid to the plug tips in order to minimize potential swelling that can occur as the plugs age. Some lesser plugs can swell so big at the tip that they won’t come back out of the head, that’s a problem you don’t need.

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