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Fast-Start Glow Plugs

Premium Wellman dual-element, self-regulating plugs*. These plugs heat up almost twice as fast and get hotter, all while drawing less amps than the OEM plugs. See Wellman’s test results in the graphs to the right (Wellman plugs in red). These plugs offer superior starting over the GM plugs. Set of 8 plugs. $74.99
Check out the test results on the graph above and then the side by side comparison pictures below. (GM 60-G is your OEM Plug, ours is the Wellman) Both plugs were new, both powered from the same battery at the same time, with the same size wire. Wow… look at the difference!
Twice as hot, Twice as fast! – Same expected service life. * Warranted by Wellman Automotive Products for one full year / unlimited mileage.