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6.5L 60°Cylinder Head for Turbo H-1, HMMWV and Van Applications

1 New / Improved Head for 6.5 (center/rear-mount turbo applications in Vans, Civilian H-1’s and Military HMMWV. (60 degree intake bolt holes)


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These heads are cast in Canada and assembled in Virginia, USA using new valves and springs. We don’t sell cheap inferior Asian/Chinese castings. The metallurgy has been improved to eliminate the cracking issues that plagued these heads from the factory; No more cracks! The iron used in the new heads utilizes molybdenum, a metal yielding a 20-25% increase in strength, without being brittle. Additionally, changes of the water jacket design in the heads have helped address the 6.5’s overheating problems. The original 6.5 & 6.2 cylinder heads produced by GM were prone to developing small cracks between the valves. The new redesigned heads have added chromium to the cast-iron to virtually eliminate these and other cracking issues. All alignments and bolt-holes are exact fit for all factory components on your old engine to bolt right up. You will need new head gaskets and new OEM style head bolt sets (they are one time use only, stretch-to-yield type). Call with Questions 828-453-7779 Click here to go back to the products page.