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New Optimizer 6.5 Liter Block Casting – Improved Metallurgy

This block will fit any 92-2002 Chevy & GMC C/K Series trucks w/ GM 6.5L Turbo Diesel (Sidemount Turbo), and all non-turbo van & H-1 Hummer applications. Add $100 for Centermount Turbo applications, (H-1 Hummers, Vans & some RV’s) This is a top quality Genuine AM General Optimizer™ 6.5 Block Casting. We realize this is not the cheapest block available, however we believe once you know all the facts and details about our block and the shortcomings of the other offerings elsewhere and online, you will agree, this block is worth paying a little more for than an aftermarket cheap Chinese knock-off. If a seller/retailer does not state in their ads where their blocks are made, you can believe the country of origin is not exactly a selling point for them. One tip-off is to look at the core plugs, are they quality brass? or are they cheap, rust-prone steel? Compare to others: These blocks are Genuine AM General Optimizer™ castings. There are VERY few outlets to the public for these blocks outside of the Military procurement system. Other companies sell new blocks, but be careful, most are using the old casting forms, and no improvements to the metallurgy – FROM CHINA! . Booooo!
  • These blocks feature pre-installed core plugs
  • Beautiful smooth-honed cross-hatched cylinder bores, ready to properly seat your new rings.
  • Premium cam bearings come already installed.
  • 1/2″ pipe threads for the oil cooler lines, to accommodate the new high pressure / high volume oil pumps.
  • New threaded plugs and new cam plug included with every block.
  • New Main cap bolts, installed, 4 per cap, Two, different, distinctly designed bolts, (inner & outer).
  • This is the block used by AM General and the US Military
  Rebuilding your 6.5 is a major investment of your time and money, start with a solid foundation worthy of your efforts.  
  • As many of our customers already know, the original 6.5 castings were plagued with cracking issues.
  • The design improvements and re-engineering of these new castings add durability and remarkably diminish the potential for block cracking… like, NONE to date.
  • The iron/alloy used in the new block utilizes molybdenum, a metal yielding a 20-25% increase in strength. This increase in strength comes without the brittle characteristics of nickel, used in high concentrations in the OEM castings until 2002.
  • The new block design also incorporates improved main bearing webs and caps.
  • In addition the head bolt holes in the block deck are strengthened, vastly improving head gasket durability.
  • Complete parts interchangeability & external bolt hole locations as OEM GM Blocks, everything bolts right up!
  • We have been selling the improved version 6.5L block for almost 3 years now with great over-the road success, Not one block cracking issue to date. – Now that’s what we mean by an improvement.
  • Be assured with our Unlimited Mileage, one year warranty covering every block we sell. You expect hard work from your diesel powered truck, and we’ll guarantee it.
  Call our internet sales department at 828-453-7779 prior to ordering to insure we order the correct block for your specific application and to give you your exact total, including proper freight quote, (if International). We can discuss your engine questions and options over the phone more efficiently than email.     Shipping is by Insured truck-freight, set at a flat rate of $180, anywhere in the lower 48 states, USA. You will need to be able to unload your shipment from a semi-truck.